Monday, July 7, 2014

Without life there is no liberty; without liberty there is no life

The reason I don't go to Facebook much is because it gets frustrating all the stupid stuff that people put on there.  What I hate most is when people put stuff on that shows that they have never read the Constitution.

Recently a person posted this:
One failed attempt at a show bomb, and we all take off our shoes at the airport.  Thirty one school shootings since Columbine, and no change in the regulation of guns."  John Oliver
The problem with that statement is that it's against the law to use your natural rights to take away the natural rights of others.  It's illegal to kill people.  It's not illegal to own a gun.

In this way, the only way you could succeed at making a law banning the sale of guns would be to change the Constitution.  And the whole intent of the Constitution was to make it to the U.S. Government could not make a law taking away natural rights.  Since defending yourself is a natural right, the Constitution is rock solid in this regard.

Natural rights never change, and for that reason the Constitution should never change. If you want to prevent events like Columbine, you teach people the values of the Bible, which teaches one to "love and respect thy neighbor."

I'm not implying that any person needs to own a machine gun, let alone two. However, no democratic society should be able to vote away the rights of other people, let alone take away the life other people.  Taking away one will not solve the other.

Or, worded another way: without life there is no liberty, but without liberty there is no life.  Leave my life alone, and leave my liberties alone.

For 99.9% of history governments abducted from the populace the ability to enjoy natural rights and freedoms.  We had best not forget this and start passing laws based on emotion, because every law passed takes away another freedom.