Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The truth about socialism

I have been telling my friends for years that there is no difference between liberalism, socialism, Marxism, fascism, communism, and totalitarianism. My liberal friends beg to differ, saying there is a significant difference.

Yet the bottom line is that they believe that it is possible to create a euphoric, or perfect, world where everyone has a job, and everyone has food on the table, and everyone has healthcare.

In order to obtain this euphoria, they believe that people, left to their own devices, are not smart enough, or unwilling enough, to make the appropriate decisions on their own.  For this reason, their experts have to make these decisions for us, or at least to nudge us in the right direction.

Likewise, in order to fund this their society, they believe that every person should make equal wages.  They believe that there is only so much money to go around, so it's their job to take from the well off and re-distribute this money to the not so well off.  In this way, liberals, Marxists, fascists, communists, and totalitarians all believe in the same thing, and are all the same.

While called by various names in order to hide its true identity, socialism is socialism no matter what. Don't let them tell you otherwise.