Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why do we have to fix what isn't broken

The agenda of liberals is not popular.  People do not want more taxes.  People do not want more regulations on corporations.  So in order to move forward with their agenda, liberals must create fear.

Global warming is a perfect example.  Global warming is one of the biggest hoax's of the past 30 years. There hasn't been any increase in global temperatures since 1997 or 1998, and yet the powers that be continue to tell our kids how a minute rise in temperatures may destroy the earth.

So our kids come home all scared, according to polls.  When we were kids schools scared the hell out of us by preparing us for bomb threats.  They told us that at any time Russia might blow us up with a nuclear bomb.  I even remember discussing this with my mom. But back then the threat was real; Russia did have bombs aimed right at us.

Today, however, the threat is not real.  Today the threat of global warming, and the fear caused from it, is specifically agenda driven.  Fear makes people desire action, just what liberals want to do.  Liberals claim their actions to be the resolutions to the cause of this fear.  In other words, global warming is an excuse for government action; it's an excuse to tax and regulate.  It gives Obama permission to take executive action when Congress doesn't act to prevent and treat global warming.

Actually, they don't call it global warming anymore.  They can't call it global warming because the globe is not warming any more.  Now they call it climate change.  They have no evidence anything we do is causing changes to occur, but they need us to believe it so we are scared the planet might blow up or something if we don't tax and regulate.

It's the same thing with Obamacare. They went around telling us how bad the healthcare system was, even though we had the best healthcare system in the world.  Our healthcare system was not broken.  But they told you it was, and this created fear.  Scared people -- a minority -- wanted action, and what we got was Obamacare, something that is unproven, doesn't work, and no one wants.

The idea is that humanity's destroying the planet, and not just any humanity, but highly advanced, economically highly advanced humanity is destroying the planet, primarily the United States. Capitalism, where people's progress, economic progress, is destructive to the planet. This has been the message. We're destroying it, greenhouse gases, with the giant cars and trucks that we drive and all the airplanes that we're flying and all the miles we're flying and all the fossil fuels that we're burning.

Global warming, climate change, is their way of creating guilt in the minds of Americans so they support liberalism and oppose capitalism. Most people do this, most people buy into this, without even knowing.  They have this idea scratched into their brains slowly by the powers that be. Presently, as I write this, the kids on the Disney Channel are telling my kids that change is needed and that you can make a difference. It's a slow brainwashing process, and kids who don't have educated parents will fall right into their trap.  In fact, the kids giving the message probably don't even know what they are falling for. 

So, you ask: why do we have to fix what isn't broken?  It's because that's the only way for liberals to get their unpopular agenda passed.  They cannot get it passed by the will of the people.  The cannot get it passed through Congress.  So they must create fear, because when people are afraid they want resolutions.

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