Monday, June 30, 2014

Millennials have never seen a robust, American economy

Americans under 25 (Millennials) have never heard anything good about America.  Even when the economy was rolling in the mid 2000s all they heard was how bad the American economy was.  Young people in this nation have never heard about how great and honorable it is to be American.

Think about it.  All young people have heard the past 15 years have heard is negative news about the iraq war, how Americans torture prisoners of war in order to get news, how Americans are the cause of world poverty, how American factories are the cause of global warming, and how the American economy sucks.  

I mean, think about it.  Even while the economy was booming during the Bush years all they heard was how bad the economy was.  Then when Obama became President and the economy was truly bad, they heard how good the economy was. So they have developed a warped sense of what good is.  

They have never, at any point in their lives, ever seen unfettered, unadulterated, conservatism/ capitalism.  They have never seen a robust American economy. They have never seen how victorious America can be over those who wish to do harm to its citizens.  

They hear news how 20% of American families have no one employed and they don't even bat an eyelash because they just think it's normal. They hear news how the economy grows 1% of 1% in the first quarter of 2014, and they believe the people who blame it on cold weather.

They are not taught how great America is, or was.  They are not taught about the founding documents and the founding fathers the way we were.

Think about this for a moment.  Think about what your view of America would be if you were never told about the founding of this great nation.  Think if you were never taught about American greatness and American exceptionalism.  It's no wonder they have a warped view about what America is capable of.

They are told that by their exhaling CO2 they are contributing to the warming of our planet.  They are told if the global temperatures increase even by the slightest degree that we will be no more.  They are told this, and they have no reason not to believe it, because contrary views are not taught in schools.

They are taught that America is a racist nation full of people who hate gays. They are taught how women are treated poorly.  They are taught that the way to get out of poverty is to redistribute wealth, and then they are exposed to the rise in unemployment and poverty that is the resulting factor of this.

No wonder kids today are down on themselves.  No wonder they are down on America.  They get a warped view from only one angle in school and the media and social sites and they think that's the only angle.

That is, unless they have parents at home who share with them the truth about America, and how great unfettered capitalism has made this nation in the past.

Their view is that what is going in America today is just normal; its how it always has been.  So they don't blame anyone for it because, especially not Obama, because he's just another President who was handed a bum economy.

Kids today have no historical perspective. They just see what has happened in their lifetime, which has been a barrage of bad news about America. Constant attacks by liberals in Washington and the media.

That is, unless they come from a family where they see and hear what America is capable of. Unless they come from a family that tells them how great America was when they were growing up. Unless they have a family that tells them what the world was like before America existed.

Most Millennials have never seen anything else, so they just think this is normal. They think this is the best it gets.

This is why it's so important that, in the upcoming midterm and general elections, that we elect people with strong, conservative values into both Congress and the Presidency.