Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Is Google violating our personal liberties?

I love Google.  I have a Google Chrome book, use Blogger, use Google Word, I use Google web browser, and use Gmail.  One day, however, I noticed that there were a bunch of libertarian and conservative books advertised on the right side of the computer screen.  I thought, "Is libertarianism gaining in popularity?"

Then I realized, "No, they are marketing to me.  They know I love liberty."

So they know, from what I search for, or what sites I go to, what I'm interested in. If I'm Googling shoes, I might get an ad for shoes "even while I'm in the store."

I suppose this could be good in a way, but it is a violation of my liberties.  It is a violation of my right to privacy.  Because I know that in order for those ads to appear, Google is selling my information.  They are getting rich by selling my information, and all I get out of it is an ad.

I'm sorry to say this, but I think this is a scary thing.  If my information is that available to advertisers who want to profit off me, then it's probably also available for governmental officials to spy on me (If I was offered a choice, I wouldn't be so concerned.  If I was offered the option of payment, I might consider).

The only way to get people to stop tracking you is to stop using Google, stop using your iPhone.  But Google makes everything they offer free.  If I want to keep blogging, I have no choice to use Google.

I suppose, in a way, the fact it is free is Google's payment to me.  On the other hand, the fact it is free also traps me into the system.  It's similar to the government offering free schooling so they can use that platform to brainwash our kids.  It's scary.

For all the privacy I have lost while being on the web, I wouldn't give up what I do for anything.