Saturday, January 28, 2017

We are down to one political party that represents Americans

Since the days of John Adams our country has been a two party system. George Washington warned against it, but the two party system is what is. For most of history both party's have had some good ideas and some bad ideas. But, for the most part, both party's, in their own way, wanted what was best for the country; for the American people.

Now we still have two party's. But the sad news is that only one has some good ideas and some bad ideas. The other party is so far gone now that it is on the wrong side of nearly every issue. This is a sad state, but it's true.

Go back to the election of 1960. You had John F. Kennedy against Richard Nixon. Both had some good ideas and some bad ideas. Kennedy was basically a conservative, and Nixon was a liberal republican. You may have preferred one over the other, but if your guy lost you didn't think it was the end of the country.

After Kennedy was assassinated the democratic party changed. The death of Kennedy put Lyndon John son in the White House, and this was when the party started to be taken over by radicals. This is when the hippies took over the democratic party.

Just to give an example, republicans are known for putting constitutionalists judges on the benches. For most of history both party's did this. For most of history, judges followed the rule of law regardless of their own personal opinion; regardless of their own party's political agenda.

Not now. The democrat party puts activist judges on benches. These are judges who use the bench to move the liberal agenda forward, rather than defending and protecting the Constitution; rather than following the rule of law. To democrats, to the liberals who control the democratic party, the Constitution is an obstacle in their way and it needs to be "liberally" defined. That's how Rowe-v-Wade was allowed to go through.

One party respects climate, and understands that it changes all the time; that it has always changed and always will change. They want clean air just as much as anyone. However, they understand the idea of man made climate change is a theory to be respected, and not a fact. The other party is so in bed with the climate change theory that they are willing to hurt our economy with stiff regulations.

For most of history both party's respected God. Today, one party is the party of God, while the other party -- the democrat party -- has done everything in their power to take God out of schools and out of Washington. One party respects life, while the other believes women should have the right to kill their unborn children at any point before they are born.

Basically, it's almost as though the republican party is the party of America, and the democrat party is the party of anti-America. Republicans understand that America has made the rest of the world better. Democrats believe America is what's wrong with the rest of the world. This is why they want to keep our borders open, because they feel guilty.

To give an example, republicans know there is plenty of money in the world for everyone to get rich if they wanted to; if they made the effort. They understand that American exceptionalism means that everybody has an opportunity to dream big and accomplish their dreams.

Democrats believe there is only so much money in the world. The believe if one person is rich, that someone else is poor. They believe that if one nation is rich, it's at the expense of others. That's why they support socialist ideas of taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Rather than teaching the poor how to fish, they just give them entitlements that someone else pays for.

This also explains why they want open borders and free trade agreements. I'm fine with open borders and free trade, but democrats have made our borders bleed. Free trade resulted in 70,000 jobs moving out of America because foreign labor is cheap, and then they sell their products in America at a lower price.

For example, there is a $60 billion trade deficit with Mexico. This was done on purpose. It's because democrats (and sadly, half of republicans too), have decided to take care of the people of other nations before our own.

Basically, conservative republicans are republicans. Reagan conservatives are republicans. Moderate republicans like John McCain are democrats. Democrats are now fascists.