Sunday, November 2, 2014

Why am I a Christian?

So, I explained earlier why I am a conservative, and why I'm a libertarian.  Today I would like to explain why I am a Christian, or a Catholic?

Let us go back to ancient Greece.  Back then it was legal and acceptable to rape and perform abortions. It was acceptable for a man to have many wives.  It was acceptable for a man to make a child and have nothing to do with the raising of that child.

Early Jews saw this as a problem, because it created chaos.  Children, growing up without virtuous parents, took on the same non-virtuous behavior as their parents. Children growing up without a dad did not learn how to be a dad themselves, and so they were far more likely to become law breakers than children who grew up with a mom and a day.

The Jews, the Hebrews, and early Christians, realized this without ever doing a single study.  However, every study I've ever seen on the subject shows that kids who grow up in Christian homes are far more likely to grow up to become productive members of society.

So Hebrews and Christians taught about one God, and they created the stories of the Bible, which I believe are true by the way, although told in a way that people wrote among ancient civilizations. Stories back then were told as parodies, and were short and sweet; pithy.  But I digress.

These stories, the stories of the Bible, taught principles, values and morals.  They taught personal accountability and responsibility.  If you do this bad deed, you will go to hell. But, if you try to walk a path, like that of Jesus, you will also be set on a path to walk with Him in Heaven.

The founding fathers likewise used the Bible.  Thomas Jefferson and John Adams wrote letters, and in many of them they discussed religion.  While neither was a professed Christian, they both believed the Bible was essential for a functioning society, because a virtuous people are less likely to trample on the liberties on other people.

They discussed how America couldn't afford a military, and something needed to be done to encourage people to be law abiding.  So what they did was they encouraged God and the Bible.  It worked.  The founders were able to hold together the nation until a military could be formed.

The same with families.  You have a mom and a dad who live under the Bible, then the children will learn values, virtues and principles.  The Bible teaches kids how to be good, and how to grow up to be productive members of society.

So, I believe, whether you believe or not, you should still, as Thomas Jefferson and John Adams said, raise your family under God and by the Bible.

I happen to believe, but even if you didn't you should still raise your children this way.  I actually know some men who don't believe, but they knew the importance of Faith, and so they just went along with raising their kids under the Church. Some of them conformed to the Church, while others, once their kids were grown, stopped going to church.

The bottom line is that God and the Bible are values, principles and morals. God is good. God is kindness. God is respect.  God is Love.

I just think that if your kids are raised as atheists, or if you don't go to Church, then, when your child comes to a fork in the road, what is to stop your kid from taking the wrong path under the belief that "well, it's not the right path, but if no one sees me, no one will get hurt."

Every study I've ever seen on the subject shows that the God fearing person would be far more likely to make take the honorable path.

So if your child believes, the child will be more likely to make the right choice because God is always watching.  So, that is why I am a Christian.  I'm a Christian because I believe, but even if I wasn't a Christian I'd still be a Christian because it just makes sense.