Monday, November 10, 2014

I am not a racist because I disagree with Obama

So I'm on Facebook, and I read this: "What if Obama was white, would the creation of 200,000 jobs for several straight months still make you think his economic policies aren't working."

When I see junk like this, I have a hard time not responding.  So I didn't, but I will in this space.  Here is what I would have responded if I did.
So, are you implying I'm a racist because I don't approve of Obama's economic policies.  Let us investigate those 200,000 jobs. Actually, let's just investigate the 275,000 jobs created in June.  On the surface that number sounds great.  However, once you break it down, it actually doesn't.  Consider that in June the number of people employed full-time actually declined by 523,000, and the number of part-time workers increased by 799,000 (which includes those who wanted part-time and those who wanted full-time but could only find part-time).  So the 275,000 number is misleading in itself. It is in no way indicative of a robust economy.  Am I a racist because I chose to investigate the numbers the Obama administration releases? Am I a racist because I do the job the media refuses to do? 
There, that saves me from angering some friends.  Thanks.