Saturday, May 24, 2014

The quest to stop climate change, for our own good

One of the reasons the founding fathers set limits on what the legislature could legislate on was to prevent it from responding emotionally to the latest whims and wishes of society.  Today those whims and wishes seem to come in the form of emotions.

There are people out there who are trying to scare people into believing that modern technology is destroying the planet, and they have many people convinced.  There are kids that are literally scared that the world is going to end in 500 days, 5 years, 10 years, or whatever today's date is for the marking of the end of the world. They are convinced that we are the cause because we aren't doing anything about it.

It's obvious that the Obama administration has bought into these scare tactics, and, like the founders did not want, his environmental protection agency (EPA) is set to increase regulations on energy corporations.  He has to do this for our own good, because if he doesn't we won't do anything and we will destroy the planet.  He has to force this for the betterment of mankind.

According to, "President Obama's Big Carbon Crackdown Readies for Launch:"
Obama is expected to endorse a strategy that seeks creative ways to achieve big carbon cuts — one that could lead some utilities to help their residential and business customers reduce their demand for electricity. Insiders refer to that as going outside the power plants’ “fence line"...
The new rule also won’t set up a single way for power companies to meet its requirements. Instead, it will set an emissions goal that states must meet, then give them guidelines for how they can comply. States must write their own compliance plans — subject to EPA approval — or the agency will step in with its own requirements.
Broad, state-level pollution targets would mean greater cuts and more flexibility for states, while viewing power plants as part of a collective system. Several environmental groups have offered model plans to the EPA in which some states would encourage utilities to switch from coal to gas and generate more wind or solar power.
The goal here is noble, although this is not the way to accomplish what they wish to accomplish.  In fact, just by using the words "collective system" shows that this is a progressive/ liberal/ socialist agenda item whereby the government thinks it knows what's best for people and is forcing them to comply.

However, what if the government is wrong?  What if the current belief that mankind is destroying the environmenet is wrong? What if these regulations force many or all of these energy corporations to go out of business?  Does the EPA care?

There are opponents of this ruling who are set to fight it, as noted by
Still, opponents will launch a major legal fight against the broad approach, saying the EPA can’t legally require steeper pollution cuts than a power plant could make on its own. “The reason why EPA has never before obligated a source to reduce emissions beyond its control is because it’s beyond its control,” industry attorney Robert Wyman said.
Progressives are known to use fear tactics to try to convince people that they are right.  Yet, when the fear campaign fails to inspire change, they do it with force. This, I am afraid,  may have the founding fathers rolling over in their graves.

Yet Obama doesn't seem to care about the founding fathers, nor does he have respect for the documents they wrote.  His main objective now is to save his legacy, and he believes he can do it by "saving the planet." God help us!

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