Saturday, November 12, 2016

Donald Trump: Liberalism Rejected!!!

So, Donald Trump has been elected to be the 45th President of the United States. Now democrats and the media are calling for him to reach across the aisle to ease tensions in Washington. What is forgotten here is that by electing Trump, the people have rejected the democratic party; rejected the democrat agenda; rejected Obama's agenda; rejected liberalism; rejected globalism.

For some reason, people fail to see what just happened. They fail to see that American citizens do not like the current direction the United States is heading, and have clearly said they want to go in another direction. That, I believe, is why Trump was elected president.

I think that democrats, and the media, are so terrified of Trump that they have never taken the time to actually listen to anything he has said. They were so busy being offended because of political correctness that they failed to listen.

(I think this is also true of many people who did not vote for Trump based on things he said, that they were so offended that they failed to listen to the substance of his words and his agenda.)

Now the media and democrats are suffering from denial. They seem to be failing to accept that those large crowds that attended Trump rallies were interested in the substance of what Trump was saying. They have already made up their minds that he is a racist, bigot, homophobe, etc., so they refuse to even give him a chance.

So now they are saying he needs to reach across the aisle. As we place "reach across the aisle" into our interpreter, it means, "move forward the liberal agenda."

Look! The liberal agenda was rejected. People are hungry for a new direction. They want change. They are tired of jobs leaving and not coming back. They are tired of illegal immigrants coming into our country, taking away the few jobs that are available and driving down wages.

They fail to understand what Trump stands for because they have not listened to what he has said. They have not heard the voices of the millions of people who supported him. They can't understand how people could support such a bigot because they failed to listen to him.

Obama has been telling the people that what they now live in is the new normal. That 94 million people no longer in the workforce is the new normal. That not getting a raise every year is the new normal.

And the people rejected this notion. Trump said that dreamers should never stop dreaming and that America's best days are ahead. And this is what so many Americans still believe. Trump tapped into this. The media failed to see it. Democrats failed to see it.

The people rejected big government. They rejected Obamacare. They rejected amnesty. They rejected the notion that America should be a nation of victims. Americans want to be working, they don't want to be among the 94 million working age people who are sitting around collecting money from entitlement programs paid for by people who are working.

The people also rejected a republican establishment that kept getting elected on the notion they would reject liberalism and Obama's agenda, only to support it and to fund it. Or, even if they didn't support it, they made no efforts to stop it. For example, they could have easily unfunded Obamacare, but they didn't.

The left does not want to give up on the notion of moving their agenda forward. So, in the face of defeat, they now ask that Trump reaches across the aisle and offer an olive branch to them and their agenda. Trump should not cater to such calls.