Monday, November 7, 2016

Catholic View on Abortion

Loyalty to God should take precedence over loyalty to a political party. This is particularly true regarding the issue of abortion.

You do not create life, and therefore you cannot take life. You cannot take your own life because it is sacred. You also cannot take the life of someone else, because that life is sacred too. You also cannot take the life of an unborn child, as that life is also sacred.

The womb, in other words, is a temporary holding chamber for a new life of a baby human being. Under good Faith, you cannot have a right to choose to abort that of what you did not create.

You have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and so too does that baby. If you choose to abort that child, you are violating that person's rights in favor of a right you do not own. In other words, an unborn child is not an object that you can choose to discard like it's unwanted garbage.

You did not create that baby inside your womb, therefore you do not have the right to take that life away. It's not a matter of political preference that you get to choose what to do with that baby. That baby inside your womb is a life created by God, and it should be respected as such, no matter who the father is.

That unborn baby is not a part of your body: it is a temple of the Lord.

So, when choosing who to vote for during this election cycle, it's important that you choose the candidate who is strongest on the issues. You should not, in good Faith, vote for any candidate who supports the killing of unborn babies.