Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Why won't progressives let us do anything fun?

Progressives spent the entire 1910s passing laws to perfect society, and once they tired of such laws voters elected conservatives in a 1920s landslide. It's seems such progressive attempt to perfect society have been rejuvenated in recent years and, according to polling data, people are once again fed up with it.

In the 1910s progressives, lead by Woodrow Wilson, passed laws that made selling alcohol a crime, and the president even made people who spoke out against the war effort criminals.  Such actions were not supposed to be allowed in a free country.

Now, in the 2010s, progressives have returned, only under the name of liberal. They have passed laws essentially making it illegal to smoke cigarettes except for in the privacy of your own home.

One of their main efforts today is that they want to force everyone to eat healthy. They say it's because they care for us, but we all know the reason is so that when they get their universal healthcare system we won't cost Uncle Sam an arm and a let.

Progressives want everyone to eat healthy.  They want you to eat apples when you are traveling in a car, as opposed to Little Debbies.  Because of Michelle Obama they are forcing our kids to eat boring meals at lunch time, unless they bring in their own food, and even then they are scrutinized.

Michael Bloomberg signed a law forcing New York residents to purchase smaller sized sodas to prevent them from drinking too much sugar.  They, in essence, want people to eat healthy every day. Sorry, folks, they don't even want you to go out on Saturday night with your friends.

They don't want you to eat in moderation, or to have an "unhealthy" day once in a while.  They want you to eat perfect, every day, and to be a lean, mean, fighting machines.  Some day they might even pass a law mandating that you exercise every day.

It's not that they care for us, though, because they don't want us to even be here. They don't like that there are too many people on this planet because people exhale carbon dioxide, which is contributing to global warming. If global warming wipes out the planet then the animals they want to give natural rights to will die.

They want you to have perfect bodies because by their rationing, once we get universal healthcare, you won't be a burden.  What they fail to realize is that even people who eat healthy and exercise get risks.  They don't realize you can't take the risk out of life.

Yet they don't see it that way.  They see a world of complete euphoria where everyone eats healthy and exercises, everyone has a job, everyone has food, and everyone has healthcare

The reason is because, in their perfect world, their dream world, they want universal healthcare; they want everyone to have a job, be thin, and to have healthcare.

Since alcohol and drugs are responsible for crime, they want to get rid of alcohol and drugs.  It's for this reason prohibition passed.  Oh, by the way, what happened during prohibition.  That's right!  People drank alcohol anyway, only they became criminals.

Today there is a marijuana prohibition of sorts, where normal people like you and me enjoy a joint, and they end up in prison.  Or they lose their healthcare license because they had a little fun.

The problem with this is that what if their theories are not true?  What if there is no manmade global warming, or cooling, or whatever you want to call it?  What if high fat foods are proven not to cause heart disease? Then what?

I'll tell you what?  We'll continue to have all these laws based on a hoax because no one will have the nerve to get rid of them for fear of losing votes.  As with the global warming hoax, there will be so many people politically invested in the hoax that they will -- as with Al Gore -- continue to deny it's a hoax.

I think people should eat responsibly, just like they should be responsible toward the environment.  But to get all scared of a little sugar and fat at the expense of having a boring, un-fun life is absolutely pointless.  I mean, unlike Bloomberg and Michelle Obama, most of us lead stressful lives, and we need a little sugar or alcohol to take the edge off.

All these laws to perfect society have changed us from a free state to a police state. however, if the 2014 republican midterms election means anything, the people are once again fed up with all the laws to perfect society.