Saturday, December 6, 2014

Changing times

I took my first class in business in 1990 at Ferris State University at the age of 20. I had been introduced to word processors a few years earlier and loved it, although now our teacher wanted to take us to the computer lab to introduce us to this new thing called email.  He had us send emails to each other in the lab, and we looked at each other saying things like, "What a stupid concept."

A similar occurrence happened to former president Calvin Coolidge in 1904, although it was regarding a new concept called automobiles.  Coolidge was a 32-year-old lawyer and politician, and the automobiles were considered unreliable and expensive.  Coolidge thanked the man who gave him his first ride, and said, "It won't amount to much." 

Obviously we both lacked vision and were wrong.  Coolidge would lead the nation through the roaring 20s and the Industrial revolution which would see the Ford Model T mass produced, and the modern world has exceeded well beyond email.