Monday, April 3, 2017

Common Phrases Often Misused

Liberalism is very unpopular. So, one method liberals often use is to create happy names for unhappy and unpopular phrases. Here are a few good examples.

1.  Global warming theory is real. They say global warming to make the theory look like a fact. What they really should say, to be accurate, would be "Man-made global warming." In fact, there hasn't been any rise in global temperatures since the mid-1990s. Global warming isn't even a real theory. What it really is is an excuse for liberals to raise taxes and increase regulations to advance their agenda.

2.  Climate change is real. Conservatives have been chiming for years that the climate is always changing.  So, when global temperatures quit rising, they changed the name of their theory to "Climate Change." Again, what they really mean to say is "Man-made climate change." So they poll people, and they say, "Do you believe in climate change?" Most people are going to say "yes" to this. A more accurate question would be, "Do you believe in man-made climate change." A majority of Americans do not.

3.  The term liberal. Liberal used to be about human liberty and its gradual progression. It was about freedom and limited government. It was about the progression of freedom and liberty. It was about limited government. Nearly every President from Thomas Jefferson to Grover Cleveland were considered liberals.  This all changed with the progressive movement of the early 20th century. . When word got out that progressives were the American version of fascists or communists, the term progressive soured. So, when FDR was president, they changed their name -- or abducted the term -- liberal. Ironically, fascism is the antithesis of freedom and liberty. But, this didn't matter, as the name stuck. This forced historians to start referring to liberals like Thomas Jefferson and Grover Cleveland as classical liberals. Modern liberals (of the true sense, that is) refer to themselves as either libertarians or conservatives. Read "What is fascism?"

4.  The U.S. is a democracy. The founding fathers understood that most democracies ended up run by tyrannical dictators. This is because, in order for a true democracy to be effective, all the people must stay up to date on all the issues, and they must all participate in debates and voting. Usually, with ancient Greece and Rome as our best example,, most people are too busy to participate, and so this creates an environment for a dictator -- like Caesar -- to take over. The founding fathers did not want that to happen in the U.S. In fact, they didn't like democracies. So, they chose to form a republic in the U.S. That said, we are a republic, not a democracy. Read: "America is a republic, not a democracy."

5.  Donald Trump and his proponents are anti-immigrant. He is not anti-immigrant. This is just a phrase used by liberals and the media to make Trump look worse than he really is. Trump, and most Americans, are anti-illegal immigrant. They want to keep illegal aliens in an effort to keep our nation safe and secure.

6.  The Affordable Care Act is Necessary. The affordable care act was named to make something that no one wanted sound good. The truth to the matter is that it is not affordable. Premiums for most people have skyrocketed since the advent of the ACA. In fact, premiums are so high, deductibles are so high, that most people with insurance can't even use it.

7.  Russians hacked the election. The Russians did not hack the election. They hacked emails. They tried to hack emails at the republican national committee headquarters and failed. They tried to hack emails at the democratic national committee headquarters and succeeded. However, they did not hack the elections. This is impossible. It's impossible because the polls, polling booths, are not connected to the Internet. So, it's impossible for polls to be hacked. It's impossible for the American election to be hacked. This is the exact reason voting is not done on the Internet.

The bottom line is that liberals cannot tell you the truth. They cannot refer to something as it actually is, because they would never be able to advance their agenda if they did. In order for liberals to advance their agenda, in order for liberal candidates to become elected, they have to pretend to be conservatives. This is what FDR did.