Friday, March 3, 2017

I think Trump's speech to Congress was first Trump speech media ever listened to, and their responses prove it

I listened to Donald Trump's address to the joint Congress on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. He gave a good speech. To me, however, he basically gave the same speech he had been giving since he announced his candidacy over a year ago now. To me his speech was nice, but nothing spectacular.

After listening to the speech I started reading what people from the various media outlets had to say about it. It seems they basically all rehashed what Fox's Chris Wallace had to say. Wallace said, "Tonight I feel like Donald Trump became the President of the United States."

When comments like this are made, it makes me wonder if these people even listened to his speeches prior to this one. I mean, you have democrats who have been attacking Trump left and right. You have Congressmen who have been protesting him, basically. You have people who voted for Hillary because they are so "offended" by Trump (like my own "liberal friend"). And I often wonder, "Do these people even listen to Trump? Have they even listened to one of his speeches?"

It seemed to me if they did, they might see a Trump they like. He wants to keep our borders secure and keep terrorists out. He wants to cut taxes and regulations and create jobs. These are all things have been done many times before, and they work.

So, when all these people say, "For the first time Trump seems Presidential." It makes me think that this speech was probably the first time they ever even listened to one of his speeches. I honestly think this is true and when they say stuff like this (for the first time, he seems presidential), it just confirms my suspicion. Because to me, a person who listened to many of his speeches, he seemed presidential long ago.

I bet my "liberal friend" has never listened to a Trump speech. If I asked her she would probably tell me she has. But, I bet she hasn't. I'm just saying. I bet all these protesters have never even listened to a Trump speech. I bet if they did, they might find that Trump is looking after their well-being as much as he is for mine.

Just to add to this a second. There are things Trump wants to do that I do not like. I mean, I'm fine with fixing bridges and tunnels and roads. I'm fine with that. But that is the job of the states, not the Federal government. Spending government money to do something the states should be doing is something democrats love. I mean, democrats should love that Trump wants to spend money.

But, I think, rather than listening to his speeches, that they just do whatever the pundits say. The pundits are adamantly opposed to Trump. They are "offended" that he speaks the truth. They are "offended" that he doesn't say things in "politically correct" fashion. The pundits say protest and hate, and so democrats just follow right along hating and protesting.

That is the state of the nation right now. Democrats hate. They are a party of hate and envy.  Trump said during his speech, "We want to create jobs." Everyone in the room stood and cheered. Democrats stood on their hands. Trump said, "We want to keep radical, Islamist terrorists out of the country." Everyone stood and cheered. Democrats sat on their hands.

So, I ask here, "Do democrats want less jobs? Do they want more terrorists into our country?" Is that what I am to make of their response, or lack of response, to Trump's speech? It kind of makes me wonder. Now, I know the answer to my own questions here. I'm asking rhetorically.