Monday, October 17, 2016

10 things liberals always do during political discussions

Things liberals will almost inevitably do during a discussion or debate on politics, and why you should just ignore discussing politics with them.

1. They will tell you a sob story, thereby implying if you don't support their liberal programs you don't have empathy. I really would have benefited from.. my uncle Timmy has severe back problems, he can't work, he really needs... Do it for the children. We need to help our children.  This is to imply that if you don't support their programs, you don't care. A conservative should not buy into this, as their programs are meant to get government out of the way to remove barriers that prevent people from prospering. Example: lower taxes and cut regulations and everyone will benefit, not just one or two groups of people.

2. They will question your news sources. They will say, "Where do you get your news," "Or, you must just listen to Rush Limbaugh?" "You heard that on Fox news! This is their way of saying that you don't make sense, so you must have flawed news sources.

3. They will call you names, such as "You are a racist, homophobe, or simply an idiot." More likely, if they are in front of you, they will be nicer about it, and just say, "You are not nice." This is their way of saying, I have no more attacks, so I have to disqualify your argument by bringing you don't.

4. They will change the subject. You are talking about global warming, and they will start talking about something totally different. This is called pivoting. You are talking about the first amendment, and they say, "You probably believe the second amendment give people the right to own guns." Don't take the bait. Stay on track.

5. At some point, they will just sit there and say nothing. This is because you got to them. They are mad. It is my belief that if this happens, you won the argument, and you should leave it at that.

6. They will say, "Well, it worked in such and such a place," Or, "Such and such did it, so it will work here." This is as though to imply that two wrongs make a right. An example is universal healthcare, it worked in Canada, so it will work here.

7.  They will accuse conservatives of starting a conspiracy. Obama does this a lot, "It's just conspiracy talk." He was implying to talk that progressives got together years ago and plotted how they were going to take over Washington: it's a conspiracy theory.

8. They will in some way imply that you are opposed to progress. And they are right, and that is why they are called progressives and we are called conservatives. They want to progress --"Fundamentally Transform" -- the United States toward -- "move forward"-- a more socialistic society. We are called conservatives, meaning we want to conserve the U.S. as the founding fathers had intended. The U.S. was formed on the premise that government can't be trusted, that it absconds inalienable rights. And when progress is creating government programs that help the few at the expense of the many, that is not what the U.S. is about. A good example is Obamacare. Some people are helped, but others have to abscond their freedom to choose whether or not to have healthcare. That is progress that is the antithesis of freedom, liberty, and the American way.

9. They will say, "Well, you don't want solutions," or You don't want to solve problems" And they will be right, if the solutions call for more government. Why? Because more government results in less freedom. Every new law takes away another freedom." They will say, "Well, you just don't want to solve problems." Meaning, we are lazy and don't are.

10.  They will say, "Well, we have such and such a problem, and we have to do something." No we don't, especially if doing something means doing something that is stupid; especially if doing something is doing something that will abscond more freedoms; especially if doing something is something that is experimental and you don't really know if it will work (such as Obamacare).