Tuesday, November 3, 2015

If everyone's a winner, everyone is also a loser

When we were kids we played games like duck duck goose and we knew we were probably going to lose. Sure it was sad to lose, but it taught us how to lose.  It prepared for the failures in life that were certain to come.  Losing taught us how to cope with failure.

Today our kids are taught not to lose. Today's version of duck duck goose has all kids winning.  So, in effect, they are all losers.  It makes it easier to teach liberalism to them later in life, because they have had the idea that everyone is a winner inculcated into their heads.

That's the whole premise of liberalism.  It's that the government takes from those who make money, and divides it equally to those who do not make a lot.  In this way, everyone is a winner, or so they make you believe.

In truth, however, when everyone wins, they also lose.  If you take all the money in the world and dole it out equally, that makes everyone equally poor.  Rather than having a euphoric world where everyone is well off, because there are no rich, there is no one to create jobs.  Therefore, there is never enough money to go around.

In this way, little games of duck duck goose set these kids for a world of failure.  They set these kids up for a lifetime of not knowing how to deal with setbacks in life, like death and failure.