Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Articulating ideas

Every person has ideas rolling around in his or her gray matter. So the problem for most people is not coming up with ideas, it's articulating ideas.

Articulate: The ability to fluently share or communicate ideas. 

Ideas:  A thought; a conception existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding or awareness.  (dictionary.com) 

We all have experienced those moments when someone says something that you know is not true. Ideas roll around your mind like balls on a billiard's table, yet when you speak all that comes out is a bunch of mumble jumble. So you learn, by trial and error, that you're better off just keeping your mouth shut.

Yet keeping your mouth shut is no fun.  We all know it's more fun when you have a means of expressing those brilliant ideas that grow roots in your mind.  For some this ability comes naturally.  Yet for most of us, it comes as a result of years of practice, hard work, lots of reading, and many failures.  

A more practical approach is to start a blog called articulating ideas.