Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The truth about the Middle East conflict, part 5

So, we are now in 1947.  WWII is over.  The British put together a plan that would create the Muslim State of Trans-Jordan.  This would be home to the Palestinians. The plan also included turning the land given to the Jews as a safe haven back in 1921 into the State of Israel.

This sounded like a great deal to the Israelites, and they accepted.  Now, if a Palestinian homeland was the goal for the Palestinians, they too would have accepted.  But, as we have established, this is not what they want. If a two-state solution was what the Palestinians wanted, they would have accepted the deal. But it's not what they wanted.  They wanted a one-state solution. They wanted all of Palestine.  They wanted a land with no Jews.  So they rejected the deal.

They rejected the deal because their goal was to own all the land.  They wanted one united Arabic Kingdom: Greater Syria.  If they made any agreement with Israel all that would go out the window.  So they rejected it.

Now, many people even to this day have no clue about this part of history, as though it was conveniently forgotten. Many schools around the world, including those in the U.S., continue to teach that Israel was offered a nation state and not the Palestinians.  But we know the truth, that the Palestinians were offered theri nation state too, and they rejected it.

Consider that there are still Muslims who live in peace in Israel.  This was true in 1947 and it is true today. These Muslims were invited to stay.  They were invited to live in peace in Israel.  Some decided to stay.  Some still live in Israel, and shop at the same stores as the Jews.  And even while many of the rest of the Palestinians wanted to stay in Israel, they were convinced to leave by the Palestinian rulers. They were promised that if they left, they would be able to return in a few years when the Muslims controlled all the land.

This was when all hell broke lose.  To be continued...