Monday, October 12, 2015

The truth about the crisis in the Middle East, part 4

So Palestine was divided so that the Muslims had about half and the Jews about half.  The Jews had a little bit more land, although much of this land was uninhabitable, so it was about equal.  The Jews were happy with this deal, happy to have a safe haven considering Jews were already being persecuted in the Ukraine at this time. The Muslims were unhappy, because they wanted all the land to themselves.

The Muslims used the Balfour Agreement as a rallying cry.  They blamed the Jews, and this public relations stunt worked not just in uniting Arab nations against Israel, but fooled much of the world into thinking the Jews were the cause of the whole problem in the Middle East.  The British and French, who set up this whole structure, were happy because the Muslims and the Jews were focused on each other instead of the trade routes.

Now we are to the 1920s and 1930s.  By this time the Arabs and the Palestinians, the Arab rhetoric, eventually spilled over into violence, and they launched a string of attacks on one another.  Devastation culminated with the 1936 Arab Revolt against the British Peacekeeping troops. The excuse for the violent uprising was that they said the Jews were emigrating in such large numbers that they were forcefully displacing Arabs out of their land.

At this time, Hitlers's persecution was under way, so there were indeed Jews emigrating.  However, between WWI and WWII the Jewish population increased by 470,000.  AT the same time, however, the Arabs said the Jews were driving the Arabs out.  The truth was that Palestinians in that area increased by 588,000.  So they weren't being displaced at all.  There were 608,008 Jews and 1,269,000 Arabs living in mandated Palestine by 1948.

The British and French succeeded in using the Arabs and Jews, and now the Arabs had succeeded in using the Jews.  At first they were both pawns used by the British.  Now the Jews were pawns used by the Muslims.  The only way the Muslims could obtain their goal of gaining their promised one-state solution, their caliphate, was to use the Jews.

To be continued...

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