Friday, October 9, 2015

The truth about the Conflict in the Middle East, part 3

So the British and the French had negotiated a treaty that became known as the Sykes-Picot Treaty.  It set new boundaries in the land that was once the Ottoman Empire.  Then they took the nation of Palestine and they divided it in two, giving half to the Muslims and half to the Jews.  The Muslim nation was called Trans-Jordan, and the Jewish portion was just supposed to be a safe Haven for the Jews.

The Jews needed a safe haven because they were already being persecuted in the Ukraine at this time.  They needed a place where they didn't have to worry about losing their lives because they were Jews and not Muslims.  So, you see, the Jewish were promised this land.  The Palestinians were promised the same thing. The Jews were fine to live in peace next to the Muslims, and even allowed Muslims to live in peace in their land.  But the Muslims, or at least their leaders, did not like this arrangement.

The Palestinians were unhappy with this arrangement, mainly because they had been promised by the British, through T.E. Lawrence, that they would be able to have all the land to themselves called Palestine.  This agreement was called the Balfour agreement.  They would use this agreement as a rallying cry to gather the Palestinians together in support of a Palestinian State.

We must keep in mind here that this was a one-state solution.  They did not want a two-state solution, because a two-state solution would include a Palestine and Israel side by side.  They did not want that. They wanted all of the land to themselves as they were promised.  So, you see, this entire situation was caused by the British and the French, and it was all set up so that the Muslims and Jews would be so focused on each other they would forget about blocking trade routes that would destroy the British and French economies.

So the Palestinians used the Balfour Declaration as a rallying cry to get all Muslims to stand together against the Jews, thus blaming the Jews for the entire problem in the Middle East.

This rallying cry, blaming the Jews for the entire crisis, ultimately would become the greatest public relations stunt in the history of the world.  It would end up fooling many people in the world into believing the Jews were the cause of the problem.  Many people, particularly men like Obama, still see Israel as the problem. But for those of us who study history, we know that the real cause of the crisis was European Greed.

To be continued...