Monday, October 19, 2015

The truth about the conflict in the Middle East, part 7

Israel did make some mistakes, as any nation does.  But, by 1948, only a few years removed from the Holocaust, they had heard the rhetoric before and were not going to stand for it.  They could not take any chances of being persecuted again.  

Yet if you think what the Jews did was bad, what the Palestinians would do was far worse.  First their fellow Arabic nations refused to give them a home.  Many people think it was the Israelites who refused to give them a home, but it was their own fellow Arabs.  Many see the Palestinians as the Victims, but it was by their inside own failure to agree to a two-state solution.  

They used Israel as a rallying cry.  This lead to a rise in Islamic terrorism.  But it also lead to a rise in division among the Arabs.

Following defeat in the Six Day War, many Arabs fled to Jordan.  Here, Palestinian splinter groups began to form with a unified goal of vengeance against Israel.  One such group was the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).  It began in 1964, and would soon lead to a trail of bloodshed under the leadership of Yasser Arafat.  

Here is a report by CBS's Mike Wallace:
By the end of the decade, Yasser Arafat took over the Palestinian Liberation Organization, a group contrived to unify the assorted Palestinian factions operating from Jordan.  They infiltrated the Israeli occupied West Bank and Israel itself.  The fatwa fighters swaggered through the streets of Amman because of occupying forces inside King Hussein's capital.  Hussein's generals warned him of the ambitions of the Palestinians to him.  He would have to defeat them in battle if he would survive.  But he put off the confrontation of Arab against Arab."
The Palestinians resented Hussein because he operated peacefully with Israel.  Soon, the tensions within Jordan came to a tipping point.  On September 6, 1970, radical Palestinians hijacked three western planes and detonated them at Dawson Field in Jordan, Hussein's territory. It was this event that sparked a series of horrific acts, and gave birth to the terrorist organization known as Black September.

It was here that the Black September was spawned in September 1970.  At refugee camps like this one all around Amman.  The forces of King Hussein  humiliated the people's army of the Palestinians.  Instead of sharing the government of Jordan, Instead of having a long border with Israel, access which the gorrilas could operate, the Palestinian resistance was in confusion and despair.  Out of their black bitterness in 1971, the fanatic group of fatwa terrorists determined to keep alive the spark of the resistance. The extremist group carried out the assassination of Jordan's Prime Minister.  It was the same exploit in the name of Black September. 
Then the resistance aimed their terrorist forces at the real enemy: Israel.

To be continued...