Friday, October 16, 2015

The truth about the conflict in the Middle East, part 6

Many Palestinians did not want to leave Israel, but they were told by their leaders, "Don't worry.  If you leave your homes, you will be able to return.  We will get you your own homeland.  And we will own not just part of Palestine, we will own the whole thing.  We will own all of Greater Syria."

So they rejected the offer postulated by the U.N. that would give them their Palestine.  Their leaders did not want them living side by side with the Jews.  Most of the Palestinians did not want to do this, but they were told to by their leaders.  In other words, they were used by their own leaders. This was the same way their leaders convinced the world that the Jews were the cause of the conflict in the Middle East.  

In the meantime, while the Jews are viewed as the bad guys by many nations of the rest of the world, the goal of the Palestinian leaders was to create a unified Palestinian State; a one-state solution.  This was despite efforts by the U.N. to create a two-state solution.  

So in 1947 the Palestinians rejected a deal that would give them their homeland of Palestine.  By 1948 tensions had built up between Israel and the rest of the Arab nations.  The rest of the Arab nations, the nation states created by an agreement between Britain and France, decided to go to war with Israel on behalf of the Palestinians that the many people of the world now falsely believed were forced from their homeland and were now refugees.  

War was imminent.  Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon joined forces against Israel.  They had huge advantages in armor, artillery, and air force, and therefore most of the world thought that Israel didn't stand a chance.  Yet somehow, despite huge casualties early on, the young Jewish Nation managed to stave off teh assault, and then go on an offensive.  Not only did they push Arab forces out of Israel, they managed to capture land far beyond their boundaries.  It was a miracle.  

Now, it's also important to know that before this war Jordan made a secret deal with Israel.  They wanted the West Bank and East Jerusalem.  The Jews weren't promised this land in the U.N. partition, so they agreed to let Jordan take it.  Jordan actually attacked Palestinian Arabs to get that land.  Where is that in the history books?

Egypt wanted Southern Palestine, Iraq wanted the entire fertile crescent, and Syria and Lebanon wanted Northern  Palestine.  Where was the Palestinian State?  You see, it wasn't about freedom for the Palestinian Arabs.  The war wasn't about that.  It was about land and power and control.  

Israel to this day sees this war as the war for independence.  Palestinians call it "Nakba: Catastrophe."  But when you actually know the history, the only catastrophe was when the Palestinian rulers rejected their one chance at a nation of their own.  And then they were sold out by their own Arab neighbors.  

To be continued...