Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The truth about the Conflict in the Middle East, part 2

So the Crisis in the Middle East began in 1916 during WWI when Mark Sykes of Great Britain and Georges Picot of France negotiated an agreement that would spit the former Ottoman Empire into a variety of Nation States, one of which was Palestine.

In 1921, Palestine was split for the first time.  East of the Jordan River was called Trans-Jordan and it went to the Muslims.  West of the Jordan River was a region for a Jewish Homeland.  The land the Jews were given was not an official nation at this time, although it was a safe haven for the Jews.  This was the first time the Jews were allowed the right to the land that is now Israel.

About 56 percent of the land was given to the Jewish people, and 43 percent to the Arabs.  This looks unfair, but when you consider that most of the land given to the Jews as a safe haven was unsuitable for crops, the land was divided pretty evenly.

Despite this truth, many people think the Jews were given the land of Israel after WWII.  You see, this truth counters that claim.  It would be another two decades before Israel would be officially named a state by the U.N.

Britain convinced Woodrow Wilson's League of Nations to accept these new boundaries that lead to the creation of the mandate for Palestine and Trans Jordan, both of which were under British control.

You see, this entire structure was set up by the British and the French, and it had nothing to do with the Jews or the Muslims.  The entire conflict in the Middle East had to do with greed.

The Jews were happy with the land they were given.  They were happy with this plan.   Muslims, the Palestinians, were unhappy, because they were promised rule over all of this land, of which was going to be called Greater Syria.  They were unhappy to live in peace next to the Jews because they wanted the land the Jews lived on for themselves.

So, you see, this is exactly what the British and French wanted. This is exactly what Sykes and Picot wanted. They wanted these nations to be so focused on each other that they wouldn't worry about blocking trade routes.  The Arabs and Jews were used.  This is how the conflict in the Middle East began.

To be continued...